Filmmaking Listas

Estas fotografías submarinas te dejarán con la boca abierta de lo bellas que son

1st Place, Wide-Angle Category, "Gentle Giants" By François Baelen

Honorable Mention, Portrait Category, "Curiosity" By Kyler Badten

Honorable Mention, Nudibranch, "Sheep On The Shot" By Chun Ho Tam

5th Place, Wide-Angle Category, "Eclipse" By Edwar Herreno

3rd Place, Wide-Angle Category, "Two Inquisitive Friends" By Celia Kujala

1st Place, Macro Ocean, "Ancistrocheirus" By Jeff Milisen

Honorable Mention, Portrait Category, "Nemo" By Matteo Visconti

Honorable Mention, Mirrorless Macro, "Face To Face" By Rafi Amar

3rd Place, Marine Life Behavior, "Love From A Father" By François Baelen

2nd Place, Novice Dslr, "Smile Of A Friend" By Antonio Pastrana

2nd Place, Wide-Angle Category, "Paddle Boarders Sunset" By Grant Thomas

1st Place, Cold Water, "Grey Seal Face" By Greg Lecoeur

2nd Place, Underwater Art, "Two Worlds Collide" By Jordan Robins

Honorable Mention, Portrait Category, "Roar" By Jinggong Zhang

Honorable Mention, Underwater Art, "Light Beam" By Alexandre St. Jean

4th Place, Portrait Category, "Eye To Eye" By Shane Keena

5th Place, Marine Life Behavior, "New Life" By Flavio Vailati

1st Place, Marine Life Behavior And Best Of Show By Duncan Murrell

2nd Place, Compact Macro, "Red On Green" By Kate Tinson

2nd Place, Portrait Category, "Croc In The Mist" By Christina Barringer

1st Place, Nudibranch, "Inside The Eggs" By Flavio Vailati

1st Place, Nudibranch, "Inside The Eggs" By Flavio Vailati

2nd Place, Cold Water, "Burst" By Tyler Schiffman

1st Place, Novice Dslr, "Special Encounter" By Alvin Cheung

4th Place, Macro Ocean, "Dance Of Love" By Jinggong Zhang

2nd Place, Nudibranch, "Polycera Quadrilineata Posing" By Fredrik Ehrenström

4th Place, Wide-Angle Category, "West Coast Flowers" By Geo Cloete

2nd Place, Mirrorless Macro, "Bubble Life" By Owen Yen

2nd Place, Marine Life Behavior , "The Fight" By Anders Nyberg

1st Place, Mirrorless Wide Angle, "Spotted Dolphin" By Eugene Kitsios

3rd Place, Nudibranch, "Frosted Pearl" By Bettina Balnis

3rd Place, Mirrorless Wide Angle, "No No!" By Pier Mane

1st Place, Underwater Art, "Disco Nudi" By Bruno Van Saen

1st Place, Compact Wide Angle, "Dancing Jellyfish" By Melody Chuang

1st Place, Mirrorless Behavior, "My Babies" By Fabrice Dudenhofer

3rd Place, Macro Ocean, "Speedy Cuttlefish" By Fabio Iardino

6th Place, Marine Life Behavior, "Cleaning" By Liang Fu

4th Place, Compact Wide Angle, "Who's The Boss?" By Andreas Schmid

2nd Place, Macro Ocean, "Look" By Chun Zhou

3rd Place, Compact Behavior, "La Siesta" By Jin Woo Lee

4th Place, Nudibranch, "Janolus Cristatus" By Giacomo Giovannini

7th Place, Marine Life Behavior, "Hawaiian Lei" By Mei Hing Sin

3rd Place, Compact Macro, "Yellow Gobies In A Bottle" By Matteo Pighi

3rd Place, Compact Wide Angle, "Budego" By Alessandro Raho

Honorable Mention, Macro Ocean, "Juvenile Batfish" By Dennis Corpuz

5th Place, Portrait Category, "Face To Face" By Mirko Zanni

Honorable Mention, Wide Angle Category, "Hanging In Leru" By Steve Kopp

3rd Place, Portrait Category,"Open Eyes" By Doris Vierkötter

Honorable Mention, Marine Life Behavior, "Living In A Jelly" By Doris Vierkötter

Honorable Mention, Cold Water, "Spider Crab Attack" By Henley Spiers

1st Place, Portrait Category, "Chimaera" By Claudio Zori




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